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Do you hide your mouth when you laugh or smile?

Teeth Whitening is something that has made such a difference in so many lives! If you are hesitant to smile because you are embarrassed by teeth that are not as bright as you wish, then fear no more! There are treatments that can put the sparkle back in your smile and spring back in your step!

What You SHOULD Know About Whitening Your Teeth

It is important to understand that some whitening treatments make your teeth overly sensitive and sometimes even painful! Dr. Cannon never uses products that will cause your teeth to hurt. He has narrowed down the whitening treatments offered at Pinnacle Dental to the products that have the best, longest lasting results without causing pain or over sensitivity.

In-Office Treatment

The VENUS SYSTEM is a Laser Bleaching System which offers the best results with little or no sensitivity!  Dr. Cannon uses a Laser to activate the Bleach which catalyzes it for a more rapid treatment and brighter, whiter teeth. This treatment takes only 45 minutes in-office and is usually 2 to 3 shades lighter than at home treatments. Laser Bleaching is best repeated initially every one, to one and a half years

At Home Treatment

Take Home Treatments are a less expensive option but can also cause a little more sensitivity and results that aren’t quite as bright. It is also more time consuming, requiring one application for 20-30 minutes daily for 2 weeks. Then you will need to repeat the treatment more often than Laser Bleaching to maintain your results.

Ready To Smile?

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