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Straighten Teeth the Natural, Holistic Way that Lasts a Lifetime!

MyoFunctional Orthodontics is an innovative NEW concept for Orthodontics aimed at correcting the underlying causes of crooked teeth and structural issues… NOT just giving you a pretty smile that won’t last!

Braces can be uncomfortable and even painful, while not looking very attractive either. Not to mention having to deal with the inconvenience of food catching in the metal brackets causing bad breath, and sometimes cavities and discoloration of the teeth once braces are removed. We have an alternative to traditional braces that will make you jump for joy!

BENEFITS of the MyoBrace Technology

  • A Beautiful Smile in a shorter period of time

  • Only wear for 1-2 hours daily and overnight

  • NO ugly Metal Brackets that food gets caught in

  • NOT uncomfortable or painful

  • Corrects what is causing your Teeth and Jaw to be misaligned

  • Can help you sleep more soundly (without snoring)

  • Can relieve jaw pain and resolve TMJ issues

  • Does not cause any discoloration of your teeth

  • Costs LESS than traditional Braces

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How MyoFunctional Orthodontics Work

Since 1989 Myofuntional Research Co. (MRC) has been pioneering the use of advanced design technology appliances to correct the myofunctional habits that cause crooked teeth and painful jaw misalignment.The function of the tongue, cheeks and lips determines tooth position. By treating the underlying causes, the goal is to naturally straighten teeth for life.

Best of all…your MyoBrace Appliance only needs to be worn 1-2 hours during the day and overnight while you are sleeping… no ugly uncomfortable braces to bother you during the day! Treatment time can differ depending on “Patient Compliance,” but most treatments take just a few months.

MyoBrace was originally developed for children as early treatment forbad Myofunctional Habits that can be corrected in order to prevent the need for complex orthodontic treatments when the permanent teeth are all present.

From 2-5 years of age, children are growing rapidly and can show signs of an incorrect bite and misaligned teeth. Habits such as thumb sucking, prolonged pacifier use, reverse swallowing, tongue thrusting and mouth breathingcan cause jaws to develop incorrectly and teeth to become crowded and misaligned.

Research shows that these early problems continue in the following stages of development and cause orthodontic problems that become more prominent as the permanent teeth develop. If these habitual, underlying behaviors (tongue thrusting during sleep, reverse swallowing and mouth breathing) continue into your children’s teens, and even into adulthood, teeth will continue to eventually become misaligned, often even after orthodontic treatment. Braces and extractions do NOT resolve the orthodontic issues caused by these myofunctional  habits which are best treated as soon as they are evident, thus preventing worse problems later that will be much more expensive and difficult to fix.

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Another Option for straightening your teeth for a fraction of what traditional braces cost is to use Clear Sequential Aligners. Aligner Trays are used for small adjustments mostly to your front teeth.

  • Treatment lasts 1-5 months, depending on how many trays are required.

  • 3-5 Trays are usually enough, but if necessary a second round of trays can be used.

  • Cost is based on how many trays are needed.

  • Trays need to be worn 22 hours per day, 7 days a week for 2-3 weeks. (They may only be removed to eat and brush your teeth.

  • Upper and Lower Teeth can be aligned at the same time.

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