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Cosmetic Dentistry is an Artform

When you want something done right, you make sure you go to the right person! Dr. Cannon specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry and is a true Artisan when it comes to creating a gorgeous new smile for you… one perfect crown after another!


Our practice is a “metal free” practice. This means we only use composite or “white fillings” for our patients.


You want your smile to look beautiful AND natural right? It truly is an artform to make sure that your crowns are not only beautiful, but that the shape and color are perfect! But it’s still not just FORM, it’s FUNCTION! It is making sure that the right material is used for where your crown will be placed.

Full Porcelain

Full Porcelain Crowns should be used mostly for the teeth in the front of the mouth as it is more translucent and natural looking. However, although Full Porcelain can be more aesthetically pleasing they are more prone to fracturing, especially if you grind or clench your teeth.


Basic Crowns are Porcelain fused with Zirconia. Zirconia is a synthetic diamond material which is then mixed with porcelain to create a stronger, more durable crown that is still aesthetically pleasing. Basic Crowns can be used for both front and back teeth restorations.

Full Zirconia

Full Zirconia Crowns are not as translucent as Full Porcelain, or Basic Crowns, so are best used for back teeth. Although more opaque, they are still white so most people prefer them over Gold or Silver Crowns and they are the strongest material available so offer more durability.


Gold Crowns are best used for the molars if you grind or clench your teeth as they are not as hard on the other teeth. They will last longer and cause less wear and tear on opposing teeth. An added benefit is that not as much tooth structure needs to be removed when using Gold Crowns.


Implants are referred to an Oral Surgeon. Implants are utilized when the tooth must be removed. A metal pin is implanted into the jaw and then needs up to 6 months to heal before placing a crown over the top of it.


Many Dentists refer all their patients to an Endodontist for Root Canals and Wisdom Teeth extraction, which is much more expensive for you. Dr. Cannon does most of the Root Canals needed by his patients, and even removes some Wisdom Teeth, only referring you to a specialist if necessary.

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