Routine cleanings are recommended every 6 months.  Periodontal disease affects the majority of the population and is a very preventable disease. In fact you are more likely to loose a tooth because of periodontal disease after the age of 35 rather than tooth decay.  In some cases a “deep cleaning” may be required with subsequent follow up care.

Oral Surgery:

Unfortunately there are times when a tooth can’t be saved and will need to be extracted . Dr. Cannon is comfortable in extracting most teeth including wisdom teeth.


Our practice is a “metal free” practice. This means we only place composite or “white fillings” in all of our patients.

Crowns and Bridges:

There are circumstances that will require full coverage of a tooth because the filling is too large or the tooth is broken. There are several types of crowns and Dr. Cannon and his staff will explain to you which type suits your individual case.

Pediatric Dentistry:

You should bring your child to the dentist for their first visit at the age of 2. Our office can accommodate any child. We have TV’s in the ceiling with headphones to entertain any child or adult.

Limited Orthodontics:

Many adults are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth. As we get older many people notice that their once straight teeth are beginning to become crowded or misaligned. This is a phenomena known as “medial drift”. What is occurring is the teeth are microscopically wearing down between the teeth. This creates tiny gaps between the teeth. The teeth then move and twist to fill the “gaps” thus creating the problem of crowding. We offer a system similar to Invisalign called Sequntial trays. It is used to move only the anterior teeth into their proper position. Each case generally will take 3-10 months depending on the amount of movement required.


We are excited to offer a new system in whitening. It is called SinsationalSmile it only takes 20 mins and can be done in our office. The best part is not only are the results great but there is no sensitivity associated with bleaching. We also offer Zoom Bleaching and the traditional at home trays.